architectural mouldings

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Architectural Mouldings

Resin is a suitable material for reproducing architectural mouldings. In restoration projects, a mould can be taken from an existing architectural stone carving and if necessary, repairs and further copies can be made of that carving.

What finishes can be achieved?

Resin bonded stone techniques can be used to simulate true stone textures; using ground stone powders such as Portland, Bath or Cotswold bound together with resin, we can create weatherproof stone effect resin mouldings. Alternatively, interior decorative mouldings (such as ceiling roses) can be cast and surface treated to be painted in the same way as a plaster surface.

Restoration Projects

Our techniques are ideal for a restoration project where you may need to reproduce complete sections or duplicate designs. On a run of decorative mouldings, a mould can be taken from one section and then duplicate castings made. The same applies for architectural mouldings. For example, you may have a number of stone corbels; by making one mould and then casting in resin bonded stone, they can be reproduced at a fraction of the cost of carved stone pieces.

New projects

We have worked with architects and contractors to create architectural mouldings in volume where competitive pricing is critical. Items can be reproduced from a master copy at the fraction of the price of creating each piece by hand. Our methods can also be used for architectural ornamentation such as carved plaques and interior decorative moulding such as ornate cornicing and picture rails.

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