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Chess Pieces & Sets

History Craft has been a resin chess set manufacturer for over 30 years. Our very first was a faux ivory chess set with a reproduction scrimshaw board and pieces based on whales teeth. From there, our offering of resin chess sets grew to incorporate carved wood effect sets, Celtic themes and one of our more unusual chess sets was a medieval style where the board was stepped making the game more challenging. Very often we designed them as a boxed set, where the lid of the box was the board and the base stored the pieces away neatly when not in use. Most of these resin chess sets are not in production today, but our most popular design based on the famous Isle of Lewis themed chess set is still made and is very popular both in the UK and export markets.

Resin Chess Boards

Over the last 30 years we have made many resin chess boards. Using our design and manufacturing skills, we can create something unique; an alternative to the traditional wooden boards. Designs such as scrimshaw, Celtic, marquetry and carved wood effects have been incorporated into our resin chess boards. Please contact us for more information on how to commission a bespoke chess board.

Resin Chess Pieces

As well as our own resin chess pieces, we manufacture bespoke pieces. Supplying Museums and specialist retailers, we have a reputation as a reliable chess piece manufacturer, providing both the facility of moulding and casting the pieces and also completing the finishing processes.

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