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Green Men and Cathedral Roof Bosses

History Craft manufacture two product ranges very popular in the Cathedral and Heritage markets.  
"From the Greenwood"; a range of green men and "Fine Stone Miniatures"; a range of miniature roof bosses, green men and corbels to be found in Cathedrals and churches across the UK.

From The Greenwood

This range is an extensive collection of green man wall plaques, the originals of which were sculpted by David Lawrence. They are cast using resin bonded Cotswold or Portland stone and larger pieces are also available in an antique bronze finish. Modern moulding techniques faithfully reproduce the intricate work of the sculptor whilst giving the appearance of real carved stone or antique bronze. The pagan green man image is commonly found in cathedrals and churches from the Medieval age. A green man carving can be humorous, grotesque and divine - what these creatures mean is not known but there are many theories.

Fine Stone Miniatures

This range is a collection of miniature roof bosses and green men, the originals of which were carved by Martin and Oliver Webb. Each one is a reproduction of a carving to be found in a church or cathedral across the UK. A roof boss can be seen in the rafters of cathedral roofing and they are quite often in the style of green men. From a roof boss found in Westminster Abbey to a green man sculpture in Gloucester Cathedral, this is an extensive range of intricate carvings reproduced in resin.

We do not currently sell either of these ranges online, but please do contact us for details of a stockist near you or of how to purchase them directly from us.

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