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Curtain Pole Finials

The manufacture of curtain pole finials has been one of our key activities for many years. The majority of our clients purchase the curtain finials from us as raw castings to apply their own finishes, but we are also able to provide a finishing service if required.

What can we offer?

We do not have our own range of curtain pole finials, but we offer a service to trade clients to mould and cast their ranges. Casting resin is a messy business at times - we can take the headache of that aspect away, leaving you to concentrate on the finishing and staining of the curtain finials. We can cast each curtain finial with a recess to fit the pole into and also fit a dowel screw into the casting. All curtain finials supplied have  the surface pre-treated so that paint or stain can be applied and we also clean up the split lines which occur with 2 part moulds.

Why resin curtain rod finials?

Many finials for curtain rods have very intricate detailing, particularly wooden finials. To hand carve or turn a detailed design is relatively costly - with resin casting, you just need to have one master copy originated and this can then be used to create production moulds which are then used to cast each finial.  The raw white casting is suitable for a wide variety of finishes - you can apply finishes that recreate wood finials, metal finials and even stone finials.

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