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History Craft has been manufacturing paperweights for over 30 years. Back in the 1980's our first paperweight range featured our faux scrimshaw designs and this style is still being made today for our client in the USA who use us as their primary paperweight manufacturer.

Why resin paperweights?

Firstly, our resin compound has a good weight to it, therefore makes an excellent paperweight! Generally speaking, paperweights have a fairly straightforward form to them, making them simple to mould and cast. They are something that can easily be manufactured in volume at economic prices.

Resin paper weights as a business or corporate gift

We have had many clients requests for a personalised paperweight. This is something we can do with an added feature - we can include company logos on the master copy and then if required produce an individually personalised paperweight by laser engraving each one.

Finishes and other features

As one of the more established resin paperweight manufacturers, we can achieve a wide variety of finishes and effects, such as slate, stone, ivory, wood and also resin bronze paperweights. If you would like to achieve something more quirky, for example we can create a magnetic paper weight to hold paperclips. Please note that we do not offer a service of encapsulating items in clear resin.

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