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Resin Figurines & Statues

History Craft is able to make resin figurines and statues. We do not sell our own range of resin figures, but we are able to offer a casting service to sculptors and artists. We can assist in commissioning the original master copy should you require, and make the silicone moulds and cast the resin figurines. The castings can be supplied unfinished for you to paint or stain yourself. We can finish them for you and also we can produce resin bronze figurines.

If you already have the figurine original and are interested in receiving a quote from us it would be useful if you could provide the following information:

  • The size of the item
  • What the original copy is made of
  • A digital image if available
  • The quantity of resin figures you require to be cast
  • Whether you require us to finish your resin figurines or you will do that yourself

If you would like us to get the original sculpted for you we would need reference material such as photographs or drawings to enable us to give a quote for the sculpting.

We are often approached to manufacture resin miniatures; we work in polyester resin, which is sometimes not an ideal material for very small intricate figures. If resin miniatures are what you are interested in, do please contact us; if we are not able to manufacture them ourselves, we may be able to put you in touch with a company who could help.

Please visit the other pages on the website for further information on our services. If you have a specific enquiry or would like us to provide a quote for a project, please fill in the form on the contact us page.

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