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Making Resin Moulds

As experienced mould makers, we know that not every product and project can be approached in the same way from the aspect of producing the resin moulds.

All of our resin casting moulds are made in house. That way we can control the mould design and also master copies are in our safe keeping. The setting up of the moulds is an important part of our resin casting services as they are the starting point of the creation of the cast.  

Our approach

Our resin moulds are made using silicone rubber. Depending on the size and shape of the product involved, we use varieties of rubber from very soft and supple to a very hard, rigid format. Our mould makers will decide which rubber to use based on their knowledge of expected mould life and the ease of removing the casting from the resin moulds. The mould can be a simple cell or if the master is a complex shape, we make a fibreglass case or jacket which is then used to make a skin mould.

Costs of Resin Moulding

The size of the project is usually the factor as to how the mould costs are built into your product. It may be a one-off mould for resin prototyping; in this instance, we would charge a fee to make the mould. For a small bespoke project, there would be a one-off fee for the mould (which you would own at the end of the project). For volume production, our moulding services would be built into the unit price.

Mould Making Service

We are also able to provide a resin moulding service. Should you just wish us to make the silicone mould and not use our resin casting service, that is something that we can do.

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