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Subcontract Resin Casting

For many years we have been providing sub-contract resin casting services. Usually these are ongoing projects where our clients require a regular supply of a product line. We offer the complete service, including mould making, casting and finishing.

Why sub-contract your requirements?

Our small, family-run team carries out resin casting in Cirencester, UK. As one of the longest established mouldings manufacturers in the UK, you can be confident that our experience and attention to detail will provide you with a quality product. Whether you are looking for a game piece manufacturer or sculpture manufacturer, we should be able to help.

Our services

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our resin casting services deliver what they need. With larger projects, we plan production schedules at the outset to ensure that we meet required lead times. As a a small, experienced team we can prove a custom resin casting facility that can meet your requirements. Visit our Testimonials page to see what our clients say about our services.

Are there limits to what can be cast?

If it can be cast in resin we will try our utmost to do so! As an example, we have worked with garden ornament manufacturers in the past and at the other end of the scale carried out a large project casting 25,000 small pieces measuring around 10-15mm. Our vast knowledge of custom resin casting means that we should be able to help you with your needs.


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