ornamental mouldings

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Ornamental Mouldings

Resin moulding is an ideal process for creating ornamental mouldings and decorative mouldings.  Intricate detailing can be reproduced on items such as decorative trim, cornicing, corbels, balustrades and ceiling roses.

How it works

Once you have a master copy you can reproduce sections to create a whole run removing the need to painstakingly create each one by hand. Once in situ, decorative resin mouldings can be painted in the same way as wood or plaster.  If weight is an issue, for example with a large ceiling rose, we can cast the resin mouldings using a lightweight filler powder which reduces the weight.

Restoration projects

Our techniques are ideal for a restoration project where you may need to reproduce complete sections or duplicate designs of decorative mouldings.  On a run of ornamental mouldings, a mould can be taken from one section and then duplicate castings made.  By making one mould and then casting they can be reproduced at a fraction of the cost of original carved pieces.  In certain circumstances, if it difficult to remove the item you wish to replicate, we may be able to make the mould with the ornamental moulding in its original position.  We can also manufacture stone mouldings using a technique whereby ground stone powder is bonded using resin to create an effect almost identical to real stone.

Decorative Wood Mouldings

The silicone rubber that is used to make our moulds is very accurate and replicates very fine detailing.  This means that when using resin moulding to create wood finishes, even fine wood grain effects are transferred to the casting.  Therefore a wooden carved master can be moulded, reproduced as many times as required to create wood effect ornamental mouldings.  The technique was used on a project where a client needed to reproduce intricately carved balustrades.

decorative mouldings